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Sunday, August 25, 2013

School of Tomorrow...

school of tomorrow, school in the clouds
When thinking about what my vision would be for schools of the future, I can't help but wonder not only about the esthetics as posed by Venosdale or the technology that is so desperately needed that Mitra spoke of, but rather about the character and self esteem we help to build in our students.  I believe one of the key points in Pausch's Time Management video helps to put things in perspective, "Doing things right vs. Doing the right thing".  We can build a school to rival the most grand establishment around, but if we are not instilling good moral character in our students then we have all but failed them.  With that being said, I feel that ones environment (lighting, sound, etc) plays a large part in their mood, ability to learn and inspiration for creativity.  If I were able to build my own school, I imagine it would be filled with neutrally painted walls, comfortable learning spaces and soft lighting.  The complete opposite of the institutionalized type classrooms today.  Since our society is putting so much emphasis on social media, I feel it's time to bring back the basics to our children and allow them to socialize the "old fashioned" way...face-to-face.  The cafeteria would be more of a gathering place for kids to actually have a break from routine and socialize.  To be honest, I can not think of a greater idea than having a treehouse in the library, such an awesome idea!  

What do I want my future students to know?  

I want my students to know that I am interested in them and care for their well being.  I want them to grow and learn because the have the desire to, not because they feel the need to do so. 

What do I want want my future students to be able to do?

I want my students to be able to make good conscious decisions.  And feel free to express themselves anyway they choose (within reason).  I want my students to be full of knowledge and use that knowledge to guide then throughout their life.  

What will be the primary way of teaching my future students what I want them to know and do?

My method will be simple, teach with an authoritative manner.  Trust is the key!  I want to build a trustworthy and reliable relationship with my students.  I feel that a classroom that is run by fear only fuels fear.  I want my students to feel comfortable enough in my classroom environment to admit when wrong, or when thy need help with something.  I feel this is essential in growth.  Naturally this will correlate with the standards and practices set by the education board.  

What tool would I like to utilize in my classroom?

With the growing emphasis on technology, it is vitally important that students learn in an environment that is technologically advanced.  This accomplishes two things, 1) the students learn how to operate the devices / hardware and 2) breaks down the fear of the devices / hardware.  So many people these days fear breaking such expensive equipment.  And while I would not condone the deliberate breaking of anything, the intimidation needs to vanish.  Click a few buttons, unplug an few cords, it can all more than likely be fixed!  Ideally I would like for every student to have an iPad or Mac, depending on their grade level.  If I were teaching Kindergarten to Second Grade, an iPad would be appropriate and a Mac for the higher grade levels.  These devices are great for interactively bringing a class together.  

What role will my future students play in my classroom?

I feel it is important for students to learn responsibility and be accountable for actions.  It will be my job to facilitate and guide them through the learning process.  Each student is unique with different learning levels.  My goal will be to figure each student out and help them on an individualized basis.  I'm not a fan of grouping "like" students together.  I feel it could promote negative feelings of rejection or unworthiness.  However, it is important for students to build relationships with other students therefore entire class group activities are necessary.

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  1. "with an authoritative manor. " manner, not manor

    "So may people these days..." many, not may. Kids don't fear breaking things!

    " Ideally I would like for every student to have an iPad or Mac." Then teach in Baldwin County!

    "Depending on their grade level." Incomplete sentence

    "My goal will be to figure each student out and help them in and individualized basis." part A: Good luck. Part B: on an, not in and


  2. Dr. Strange,

    Thank you so much for your feedback. I have made the corrections.