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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Final Reflection...

In our first blog post for EDM 310, we were asked to "Imagine our classroom when we start teaching. What would our classroom look like? What would our teaching style/method be? What type of tools would we want our students to use in our classroom?" As I look back to read what I wrote, all I can say is WOW! In the past four months I have learned so much more than I initially expected. What I perceived to be today's elementary school classroom is so completely off as to what it is really like. Students today are far more advanced and technologically savvy. They are using iPads, Macs, and PC as if it is second nature....because it is!

technology heart motherboard
The "classroom culture" is now one of engaging students through multi-media SMARTboards, Podcasting, iPad Apps, Educational games on PC's, etc. Gone away are the roll-out media carts with VCR's, tape players and projectors. This type of "tech push" is necessary to keep up with most students' personal lives whereby they are playing video games with people from around the world, talking and texting on their smartphones and playing on the family PC or iPads or even both! We read earlier in the semester the book "Teaching Digital Natives" by Marc Prensky. In his book he discussed this same situation. Teachers need to be at a constant learning state so that they are prepared, and know what needs to happen to keep the interest of their students so each one can learn and grow as well.

Part of learning and growing is to be able to reflect, and make modifications where you see fit. As I reflect back to my first blog post, I notice several ideas that I learned this semester that I plan to incorporate in my future classroom. One major idea is Project Based Learning. Our entire semester was based on PBL, and I can attest that this method of teaching works! It is much easier and effective to work as part of a group that is centered on a project. Additionally, with the various "collaborative" tools such as Google Drive that are available for use, I can't think of a reason not to utilize PBL in the classroom.

My initial response was written from the heart, and I still feel this way. I still believe 100% that as educators we are responsible for helping to build well rounded children who are conscious of others, confident and full of self-esteem. We can achieve this by providing a comfortable learning environment for our students; environments where they do not fear making mistakes because they are taught that mistakes are merely learning lessons in disguise.

Yes, I believe that technology is a key factor in learning. But so is the heart, and that isn't something a computer can replicate.....yet!

"There's not such a thing as standing still, for the world is always moving; if you're standing still, you are being left behind." -Andres Lara

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  1. Very good! I hope you continue learning about more technology after this class!