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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Comments-4-Kids | September Summary

Blogging is a unique way for people to share their thoughts, feelings, experiences and opinions. In this series, I am going to share the summaries of different blogs I read and what I took from them.

together everyone achieves more
Week 1

The first week of September, I had the pleasure of reading a blog post written by Michelle, who is a tenth grade high school student from Baldwin County, Alabama. For her class assignment titled, "This I Believe", Michelle was to write about something in which she believed in. Since Michelle is a softball player and believes in team work, she decided to write about her experiences on the softball field and how team work is the most important aspect of the game. Michelle acknowledges that it takes every player to achieve the win, and that everyone needs to have the confidence that their teammate is going to contribute 100% effort in every game.

In my response to Michelle, I affirmed her thoughts on teamwork. It truly is much better to have a team that works together cohesively, rather than a team that only plays for their personal best. I also felt it was important to tell Michelle how important teamwork is off the field.  I also mentioned to her that in many college classes we work in groups and how helpful it is to collaborate with your group members.

world of minecraft
Week 2

The next week, I had the opportunity to learn a little bit about the game of Minecraft from Yeon Jay, an elementary student in Auckland, New Zealand.  Prior to reading this blog, I had no idea what Minecraft was.  Yeon Jay wrote a "dilly" of a story about two siblings who were addicted to the game of Minecraft.  In the story, the siblings went to great lengths to continue to play the game. Even so far as to sneak around from their parents.  Yeon Jay's story is a work in progress, so that is as far as the story goes.  Short? Yes, but long enough to keep those who love Minecraft interested and those who were "uneducated" in Minecraft searching for answers.  Apparently there is no real goal oriented objective in the game.  You basically create and build constructions out of textured cubes.  The players can explore, gather resources, crafting and participate in combats. It seems pretty dull, but based on the huge numbers of people playing the game of Minecraft, I guess you have to "play it to get it?"  

Either way, Yeon Jay has many followers waiting to hear the rest of the story......

Nelson Mandella
Week 3

The last kid blog I read for September was written by an 8th grade student from Auckland, New Zealand named Zion.  In his blog, Zion gave a brief biography of His Excellency Nelson Mandella.  I personally enjoy learning about popular political figures and their backgrounds and upbringings.  I believe that your upbringings play a huge role in who we will become.  So with high profile people, I find it particularily intriguing to know more about them.  I mentioned my interest to Zion and encouraged him to dig further and learn more as well.

Project Six C4K-1 Summary

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