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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Too Cute To Spook Halloween Writing and Show & Tell

In this Project Based Learning assignment, students will be placed in groups of three. Together they will choose 3 symbols of Halloween. The group will research their chosen symbols and write a one-page paper on each symbol and describe their origins, meanings and how each relate to Halloween. The group will then create a Google Presentation and include the information about the 3 symbols along with pictures. In addition to the paper and presentations, the group will be responsible to bring in 1 of the 3 chosen objects and create an illustration or dress in costume to represent the remaining 2 objects. On the final day, parents will be invited for the Too Cute To Spook Halloween Writing and Show & Tell presentations.

Too Cute To Spook Halloween Writing and Show & Tell - Lesson Plan
Created By: Hilliary Sanders

Project Fourteen


  1. Very cute! This would be easy to integrate with other subjects as well!

  2. Thanks, I'll be sure to remember that!