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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Personal Learning Network...

Andres Lara quoted, "There's no such a thing as standing still, for the world is always moving; if you're standing still, you are being left behind." This is one of my favorite quotes and it couldn't be truer. With new technologies being introduced every day, how can we stay informed and keep track of the things we find helpful? Fortunately, sites such as Netvibes and Symbaloo were created to help serve as the hub for all of the digital resources, programs and websites you use on a regular basis. These types of website are particularly useful when creating a Personal Learning Network (PLN). A PLN is basically a way to create connections that contribute to your growth and development. Since we essentially learn from one another, having connections with other educators in your PLN is a must. For your PLN to be successful, it’s important to reach out and make connections. A few ways to connect would be by commenting on blogs and podcasts, replying to comments and tweeting. The idea is to build relationships with people with whom you value their opinion and can call on when you need advice. The more connections you make, the more valuable resources you will have.

I have started creating my on PLN using Symbaloo. I chose to use Symbaloo because it was very user friendly and I liked its esthetically clean appearance. You also have the ability to create more "tiles" in Symbaloo. This will be particularly helpful as your PLN grows. In my PLN, I have included the following:

Social Media Sites:

Social media sites are the easiest way to make connections. It seems that people with the same interest tend to gravitate towards one another; especially on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great site for sharing and finding ideas for classrooms. There are hundreds if not thousands of boards for creative ideas.

Educational Resource Sites:
Discovery Education
PBS Learning

As an educator, these resourceful sites are invaluable. The content is dependable and safe for use in the classrooms. The sites are also extremely user friendly.

Educational Reference Sites:
Mobile County Public Schools
Baldwin County Public Schools
Alabama College & Career Ready Standards
Common Core State Standards

A huge part of our responsibilities will be to make sure we are teaching in accordance with the standards set by our state. So having quick access to our local School Boards, State ACCR Standards and the National Common Core Standards helps us to stay informed.

Educational Blogs and PLN's:
Krissy Venosdale- Venspired
Dean Shareski – Ideas and Thoughts
Lisa Nielsen – Innovative Educator
The Educator’s PLN
Classroom 2.o PLN

A great way to build your PLN is by adding other educators PLN's and blogs to your network. We are all here to learn and grow, so it's ok to feed off of one another. From time to time they may share stories of their difficulties in the classroom and how they dealt with it. By sharing their stories, they provide possible solutions and words of encouragement that may be useful if you are in a similar situation.

My Personal Space:
Google Drive
EDM 310 Class Blog
My Personal Blog

Finally, I added Google, Gmail, Google Drive, My Blog and the EDM Class Blog for convenience and quick reference.

Here is my PLN....

symbaloo personal network

When created correctly, your PLN can be extremely resourceful and valuable. Remember, the more connections you make, the more valuable resources you will have.

Project Two - Progress Report

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