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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Comments-4-Kids | October Summary

government shutdown, global read aloud, out of my mind, mystical corn story
Continuing the C4K Series, I once again had the opportunity to read 4 more kid blog entries throughout the month of October...

The first week's blog was written Billy who is in Mrs. Ripp's 5th Grade class in Verona, Wisconsin. In his blog he discussed the Government Shutdown and expressed how devastated he felt that our Government wasn't going to pay our military. In my response I let him know that I thought this was an interesting topic for a 5th grader and I also felt dissatisfaction with the Government not paying the families of our countries fallen heroes. I also urged him to continue to keep up with the news on the shutdown, and have faith that our Government would eventually make things right.

Next was the blog entry of a 4th Grade student from British Columbia, Canada. In his blog, Andrew announced how excited he was to participate in the Global Real Aloud. The GRA is a project where students are read grade appropriate books and then have the opportunity to connect with students from around the world using the various media platforms such as Twitter, Wiki and Class Blogs. This is a fantastic project that was created by the same Mrs. Ripp's I mentioned earlier in the blog post. The book Andrew was reading was "Out of My Mind" by Sharon Draper. He was trying to relate how difficult it would be to be Melody and not be able to speak. In my response, I let him know how neat it was that his teacher, Mrs. Eppele, chose to participate in such a great collaborative experience and how great it was that he was so excited!

The third blog was by a student from Solon, Iowa. Jaxon is in Mrs. Schroeder's 4th Grade class. Although I couldn't confirm, I believe that Mrs. Schroeder also chose to participate in the Global Read Aloud (GRA) because Jaxon too was reading the book, "Out of My Mind". Jaxon wrote a sweet note to his mother thanking her for his jacket and keeping her up to date on what he was doing in class. My response to Jaxon was that it was great that he enjoyed reading and that it can be both rewarding and fun!

And finally, I had the pleasure of reading a magical story written by Josephine who is a 6th Grade student from Auckland, New Zealand. Josephine is in Mrs. Somerville's class. In her story, Josephine write of a farmer who wanted to have corn with his dinner so he went out to plant some magical seeds only to be trapped in a far off land by his arch nemesis. The farmer fights off his nemesis to return to home. In my response to Josephine I let her know that I thought her story was very interesting and that it is great to have such a great fun, adventurous imagination.

Project Six C4K-2 Summary


  1. Hilliary your summary looks great! It sounds like you got a great pick of students this month. I love the photos you have used in your blog to match your C4K blog posts. Isn't it great commenting to students all over the globe? Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Haley! Yes, this has been a really interesting assignment. Challenging at times....but interesting!