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Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Thoughts on the "Venspired" Blog by Krissy Venosdale...

krissy venosdale
Krissy Venosdale is the author of the “Venspired” blog. She started blogging as a way to reflect and push herself to think about her teaching techniques. She decided on the name “Venspired” because she is inspired by learning in her classroom. I had the recently had the opportunity to read a couple of post from her blog. Here are my thoughts…

In the first post, Mrs. Venosdale is discussing the resistance students sometimes have to taking risks. She feels it is important for students to step outside of their comfort zone and take chances. She also realizes that this thought applies to her and her teaching methods. For instance, she mentions trying Project Based Learning, and integrating new technologies in her classroom which are both outside of the normal for her, but worth the risk! I couldn’t agree with her more. My comment was that I too am a risk taker and that I also feel it is important for students to take risks because eventually they will be forced to do something different and may not do well. Taking risks are a huge part of learning and growing.

In the second post, Mrs. Venosdale is discussing the idea that students are not challenged enough to reach their potential. Students are “grouped” together with other students that may not be at the same educational level as them, and therefore in a way they are being held back. She feels it is important for students to set goals, sometimes even higher goals than they are comfortable with. The pride and confidence that will be achieved but reaching a goal that they initially didn’t think was possible far outweighs the fear! My response was that sadly most kids do not have parents or guardians who are involved enough with their children’s school life and therefore are unable to help their child reach their potential.

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