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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Now here's a teacher that is thinking forward!

welcome to the new first grade
When you think of technology in the schools, you don't immediately think of technology being in a first grade classroom. Well, welcome to Kathy Cassidy is a first grade classroom! I recently had the pleasure of watching several interview videos in which she talked about her teaching methods and how she is incorporating technology in her classroom.

Kathy Cassidy is a first grade teacher from Moose Jaw, SK, Canada who is passionate about her students learning. She is dedicated to teaching her students skills that they will be able to utilize as they progress in school and on into their future careers. Mrs. Cassidy has been implementing the use of technology in her lesson plans for over 10 years. In her videos, she emphasizes the importance of protecting her students from inappropriate materials found on the internet. She also stresses the need for the parents to give consent for their child to use the internet. This is very important because Mrs. Cassidy opts to use web-based site opposed to expensive programs.

One of the web-based sites she likes her students to be familiar with and utilize is Blogger. Each student is taught how to create a Blogger site. The students are given time weekly to post on their blogs and view comments left by other students from around the world. This type of interaction is exciting to the students and keeps them interested in blogging. This is also a great conversation opportunity for parents who can read their child’s posts and comment on them. Mrs. Cassidy also encourages the uses Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

I particularly like the idea of using Blogger. The advantages of knowing how to set-up, maintain and post to Blogger not only teaches the students how to do it, but gives them valuable social skills that are critical to self esteem and personal growth. The only obstacle I see is not having enough PC, iPads, and such for our students to use. Because almost every child over the age of 4 has some sort of device with internet access, I think it would be a good idea for our school systems to allow our students to bring them to class with them. I know that the school systems are in the process of making devices readily available, but this is something that could be done in the meantime.

Mrs. Cassidy is certainly a someone that you would want to add to your PLN to keep a watch on. Her experience in using technology in the classroom is informative and is extremely valuable as the world continues its “forward thinking" progression.

"There's no such a thing as standing still, for the world is always moving; if you're standing still, you are being left behind." - Andres Lara

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